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 Sometimes they eat, sometimes they hoark.
 Sometimes they move the camera!
Watch the pellets disappear before your very eyes!
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Updated 29 August 2006, Scotland

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13 June 1988 - 4 September 2001

4 July 1988 - 2 June 2005
  Tigerstripe (Mickey) had to be put to sleep this afternoon due to heart and kidney failure. He would have been 18 next month. He was a good cat, now he's reunited with his brother.

  On Tuesday morning ( 4 September, 2001) at 5:30am we lost the White Cat to heart failure, he had been on medication since July. He was 13 years and 10 weeks old. He lived a good life. We wish if would have been longer. Goodbye White Cat, we will miss you..
Click here to see more new pictures of the White Cat
Cat pictures from the archive
Since they are cats, they don't always do what you'd like them to-Like sit in front of the camera for instance.
Here's some shots of when they weren't avoiding the camera.
Sometimes, when they're particularly obstinate, we'll point the camera out the window

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